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360 degree photo

If a photo is worth one thousand words, well ask yourself how many is a 360 Panorama worth ,a 360-degree photo is worth ten thousand may be more, why ? Because folk will do more than just look at it, there are many things that will happen when looking but mostly, they will interact with a 360 photo. They will move their mouse or finger about in the photo trying to get a sense of a place. Now technology allows someone to tap on the 360 photo and you can buy something, this is the world we live in today.

Google did a study in 2014, Google revealed that it was trying to understand, what customers were doing, what attributes of a business listing were the most noticed. Firstly they found that Business Hours,( yes I do that all the time do you ? )  followed by photos then came reviews were what consumers noticed most often. This is exactly what I do when I search. So professional photos and photography are so important on your Google My Business listing.

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