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virtual shopping guide

360 tours and virtual shopping

Increased demand for 360 tours and virtual shopping

As social distancing is established as something we will be dragged along for a long time, many businesses are beginning to consider implementing solutions for virtual shopping and 360 experiences. What characterizes the whole thing is that in the safe corner of the home you can be present in a virtual variant of the store. This means that you can get a more tangible feeling for the range and what distinguishes one particular store from another.

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Among stores and companies, this kind of experience has also become something of a quality stamp. And many use it in a competitive sense as it signals that they are offering their customers added value, and that they are ready to apply modern solutions even before it is obvious that the need exists.

Whether it will be able to completely replace physical presence, on the other hand, is something that only time can tell. It is obvious that virtual and technical solutions are well on their way to becoming an important part of how we deal with societal disturbances. And it is definitely a smart option during periods when the normal mode is on pause

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virtual shopping guide

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