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Live guided tour for retail shopping and E-com


Increase the Return on Investment on retail stores by setting up your virtual sales channel, which brings together the best online and offline. Create interactive and highly engaging online virtual stores. A virtual tour is a representation of a specific location of a retail without a physical appearance. It is fantastic how you can get a product or item by scrolling your phone.

360° Virtual Store for your Retail

Give your customers an In-Store shopping experience online integrated with an E-Commerce feature.

You can contact us to get the panoramic photoshoot done for your store and the virtual tour published on your website, Facebook and at the same time for Google.


Benefits of creating a virtual tour of retail shops

Many benefits come with a virtual tour. Unlike photos, virtual tours show clients a more accurate feel for how the retail looks. Here are some of the marketing benefits of a virtual tour.


More exposure in your market

Convenient shopping

Brand recognition

Integrated solution

Customer interaction

E-Com Hotspots


A virtual tour allows more people to see, walkthrough, and explore products in your store. You can sell your items at an affordable sale price depending on how the 3D virtual tours attract multiple offers. You can use simple Virtual Reality gadgets or Google cardboards for your virtual tour. The live tour also provides users an immersive and in-store shopping real experience.

It gives users an option of either visiting the store to come and get the products they need or purchase from e-commerce. They can add products to cart or Wishlist from either of the methods and make a common checkout.

E-commerce integrated with Visual Commerce for an in-store walkthrough and purchase online to display real-time product information in both e-commerce and visual commerce setups.

Within a short time, customers and competitors will discover your new functionality made with the virtual software for your store. Your aim should be at promoting new advantages, outlining innovations, and creating descriptions for review platforms. Give your virtual tour the look and feel of a custom presentation and let it go hand-in-hand with your style guide or corporate identity.

Businesses can get complete usage data of what the customers are looking, exploring, and interacting with.

Customers can interact with the Store Executive online or through offline inquiry.

Hotspots allow your audience to click on objects and discover information and details inside the scene. You can open a pop-up detail image, a 3D model, open a purchase window, a multifaceted info window, Ecommerce connection products, download a file or play audio, video for a powerful hotspot

WooDigital360 Virtual Tours

They are VR compatible, which means they can be seen in standard 360º and in Virtual Reality. The simple push of a button will let your audience switch from one mode to the other.


Planning your virtual tour

If you are shooting the 360 virtual well contact a professional first, discuss on plan on what angles and viewpoints you will include. These are some of the things that you should think about before the shooting day.

Test different layouts in your store to come up with the right point that shows your store best. Tell your photographer  how day light affects or favors your store during the shooting period.