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How 360 photo, 360 virtual Tour is helping the Industry.


Having the current technology in your business is the best thing, 360 photography is a game-changer especially for the Travel and Hospitality Industry. The virtual tour helps to showcase unique selling points of the industry. It allows hotels to differentiate themselves through photos, branding, or service.

Increases Profitability and Sales

One of the major goals of a business is to make a Profit. Statistical research was done for Hotels and travels on embracing the virtual Tours. Hotels have found success by including on their website. According to research a virtual tour on a hotel website increases bookings and looks to book conversion rates by as much as 16 to 67%. This has captured revenue from the website traffic.

Increases your Website View

360 photos and virtual tours are sources of deep engagement, especially when combined with hotspots and meaningful content. Virtual tours keep people looking at a website 5 to 10 minutes longer.

Enables Virtual Tours of Hotels

This allows potential customers to have a taste of the hotel and hotel rooms. They will have an opportunity to see what the hotel looks like before they arrive by offering more transparency images.

Provides an opportunity for Booking Interface

Some travel and hospitality industries have taken the 360 virtual tours a step further by offering an entire booking process and user interface that can be practiced through a virtual reality headset. This substitutes the need to use a traditional computer mouse, or touch screen, to make a hotel or flight booking.

The main benefit of this is the ability to sell rooms, flights, and travel products based on the experiences they can enable.

Attracting More Customers

By showcasing hotels in the 360 virtual tours, it makes the hotels stand out among other hotels. It delivers an exceptional experience for prospective buyers and customers. This will fetch guests to the hotels as if they were there and can view the rooms and facilities.

Virtual Travel Experiences

Lastly, a virtual tour provides an opportunity to prospective customers with a virtual travel experience. This means that users will be able to sample some of the main attractions that are likely to draw them to a location in the first place.


3 Best Reasons Why Travel and Hospitality are using 360 photography


It is the intention of every business including the travel and hospitality industry to fulfill customer satisfaction, therefore, the business will need to stretch and go an extra mile to ensure this happens. The Virtual tour’s purpose is precisely that, it has also introduced live guided tours which have attracted more customers. Many industries have embraced 360 Virtual Tours due to a great number of reasons. These are 3 major reasons why travel and hospitality are using 360 photography;

Provide Your Virtual Reality Experience

For a while virtual tours were limited to showcase the virtual depiction of a property, hotel, or other areas, this was the archaic way. Nowadays everyone wants a feel of everything before they decide to bestow their money. The new technology, allows you to feel like you are in the room and even mark your presence. 360 photo tour has made the unrealistic realistic, the virtual tour gives you a good experience of the whole package without being present. Through an amplified reality added with computer-steered stimulation, you can experience a three-dimensional visualization of the environment. It lets you pilot the virtual world and experience the 3D world in real-time. Travel and Hospitality have adopted this technology as the customer can have a feel of the whole experience before committing themselves. This has increased the level of confidence in customers and provides a better understanding of the customer needs.

More than Just Screen Sharing

Yes, the virtual tour provides a 3D visualization effect which is a good experience, however, working with a live guided tour is far from screen sharing. It creates a platform for easy communication which is supplemented by the virtual tour. There are many virtual tours offered in the market but this is unique as you have the option of communicating with 360-degree screen sharing using various communication channels such as Skype, Zoom, and others. There is no much sensitivity in interaction with the customer in the Travel and Hospitality industry. The virtual tour provides an opportunity to interact with the customer one on one and be able to market your hotel. In this session, the customer will express fully their expectation and even demonstrate.

Build Trust For Your Business: 

Every business is built on trust, therefore the industry needs to provide truthful information about what they offer. Due to biased people in the market, customers preferred visiting the physical hotels before they decide to make any decision, this was to confirm the actual service or product offered. With advanced technology, 360 tours and virtual tours provide a guided tour to the customers, this enables them to build trust in the brand and boost their decision-making process. The Travel and Hospitality industry has identified the gap of lack of confidence in their customer and decided to adopt this technology. Through this, it has allowed them to get many reviews and boost their sales and profitability. The virtual tour gives the customer access to experience the whole service even without them being there. The incorporation of a live guided tour with the communication mediums is a rise in the digital world era where customers are looking forward to using high-end technologies with unconventional traits. Enabling your industry to experience this advanced technology is the best decision you can make.


Bottom line

Introducing Virtual 360 Photo and Tours is a great plus in today’s digital era. It is a tool for attracting new customers, regaining your old customers, and increasing customer interests. It gives the potential customer a good imprint and the chance to get to know the industry and its products. Companies that can take advantage of this new technology shall be able to reach new segments and markets and hence increase their revenues.

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