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360 VR AR equals Mixed Reality

augented reality

360 VR AR equals Mixed Reality


How Reinforced Reality Increases Profitability in Small Businesses

 Introduction – What is AR?  How is it used?

Reinforced reality (Augmented Reality) or AR for small business is growing and is growing fast. Recent discussions in technology and innovation have highlighted the great impact that AR has had only in the last few years and how huge it will have in the future. Major companies like Google and Apple are already in the game about development for the most innovative AR. With the help of AR, small businesses can now also take advantage of the technology in a completely new way to compete with larger and more well-established companies. 

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AR is a technology that combines the digital with reality. The technology has been trying to reach the market for many years, but due to high demands on mobile performance, it has not been possible to reach the fullest. It was only when the game Pokémon GO broke through as the people became interested in AR and started investing more time and money to develop it.

Ian Johnson from 360i.se is one of the people who quickly captured the trend of AR and 360 degree photography and has helped many companies broaden their market and customers through the creation of an intense digital experience. With his knowledge and expertise in enhanced reality and photography, he can broaden business segments and reach out to bigger markets than it is usually possible to reach for small businesses. Ian say’s ” that customers can enter a familiar AR setting and with 360 panorama photos with embedded hotspots can purchase or book at a touch of a finger”

AR is usually used in the form of a mobile application, where you can create a world, combined with the camera in the mobile phone, combined with the digital and reality. By starting the mobile application that also opens the camera, you can start pointing the camera to different objects or surfaces. On the mobile screen, you see reality as it is, such as a regular room with furniture, while the mobile application places a digital layer over the room. The layer can display anything and also adjusts using light, shape, and size to make it look proportional.

IKEA Place is an example of a mobile application built using Apple’s ARKit, a toolbox provided by Apple, allowing developers to create their own applications using AR. The IKEA Place application is used by holding up the cellphone in a room and then selecting furniture from their product catalog to see if they fit into the room. The camera captures the reality, that is, the space, and applies the digital layer of a piece of furniture to the top of the room, and can use the sophisticated technology to calculate whether it will resize, brightness, or position. In the best and most realistic way, the furniture must be seen in the mobile application and also in reality in order to determine if the furniture fits into the home or not.

augented reality



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